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Hunting - Walks closed

Hunting Information
Council of Marche-en-Famenne & Nassogne

Legal dispositions from 01/10 untill 31/12

The hunting areas are announced by legal panels.

At the main entrances of these areas, you will find 3 types of displays :

 * The yellow ones will indicate the hunting general hunting calendar, as well as sitting up, approaching hunting and hunting.

* The red ones with the inscription 'sitting up' will indicate that it is forbidden to pass from 2 hours before and after the sunrise and sunset.

* The red ones with the inscription 'approaching hunting' will indicate that is is forbidden to pass the days written on the displays. 

 These lists are intented to be informative! The displays in the forest are the official ones !

(update 13/09/2017)


(update 22/09/2017)





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