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N4 Brussels/Arlon (via the E411 - junction Courrière/N4)
N63 Liège-Reims
N86 Barvaux-Rochefort


Line 43 Liège-Jemelle, stop in Marche-en-Famenne and Marloie.
Line 162 Namur-Luxembourg, stop in Aye, Marloie, Jemelle and Forrières.
Line IC 16-34 Brussels-Luxembourg, stop in Marloie and Jemelle

Station without ticket office in Aye, Forrières and Marche-en-Famenne

Marloie station 

Ticket office open: Monday to Friday: 05:45-20:00; Saturday: 08:15-15:40; Sunday: 11:15-18:40.

Jemelle station

Ticket office open: Monday to Friday: 06:15-13:40;Saturday: 08:15-15:40;Sunday:11:15-18:40.

Railway info - SNCB (7 days out of 7, from 7:00 to 21:30): T: +32(0)2/528.28.28 - www.belgianrail.be


Line 1 - Marche/Bastogne: via Marche, Marloie, Hargimont, Harsin, Nassogne, Grune, Bande.
Line 5/2 - Saint-Hubert/Nassogne/Saint-Hubert: via Mormont, Masbourg, Nassogne, Ambly, Forrières, Lesterny.
Line 11/2 - Marloie/Melreux: via Marloie, Marche, Verdenne.
Line 11/7 - Marche/Bourdon/Hotton: via Marche, Verdenne.
Line 11/9 - Circuit des Rocailles: via Marche, Marloie, Waha, Hollogne.
Line 11d - Proxibus Nassogne: junction between Marche, Rochefort and the villages of the borough of Nassogne.
Line 11f - Proxibus Marche-en-Famenne: junction between Marche and the villages of the borough of Marche.
Line 15 - La Roche/Lignières/Marche/Marloie: via Lignières, Grimbiémont, Roy, Charneux, Hollogne, Marche, Marloie, Waha.
Line 15/4 - Marche/Les Fourches/Marloie: via Marloie, Waha, Hollogne, Marche.
Line 62 - Rochefort/Tellin/Grupont/Mirwart: via Forrières, Lesterny.
Line 88 - Express Bus Bastogne-Namur: via Bande (N4), Marche.
Line 91 - Boucle urbaine - Aye: via Marloie, Aye, Marche.
Line 92 - Boucle urbaine - Waha: via Marloie, Waha, Hollogne, Marche.
Line 98 - Havelange/Marche: via Marche, Marloie, Hargimont.
Line 162a/2 - Marloie/Heure/Noiseux: via Marloie, Marche.
Line 162a/3 - Marloie/Noiseux/Melreux: via Marche, Marloie.
Line 162a/4 - Sinsin/Marche: via Marche.
Line 162b - Libramont/Jemelle: via Lesterny, Forrières.
Line 420 - Aye/Jemelle/Nassogne: via Humain, Aye, Marche, Marloie, Hargimont, On, Jemelle, Forrières, Ambly, Nassogne, Masbourg, Lesterny.
Line 424 - Rochefort/Marche: via Jemelle, On, Hargimont, Marloie, Marche, Aye.

Bus info - TEC: T: +32(0)81/25.35.55 - www.infotec.be