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About Marche & Nassogne

The region of Marche & Nassogne is located in the Province of Belgian Luxembourg between the Lesse and the Ourthe valleys, straddling the Famenne and the Ardenne.

Easily accessible and ideal base for daily excursions

Posed on two main roads and served by the railway, the region of Marche & Nassogne benefits from a central geographic situation and is easily accessible.

Situated in close proximity to numerous renowned sites, it’s also the ideal starting point for tourists willing to discover the region.

Waha - Vallée de la Hedree
Parc Van der Straeten - Marche-en-Famenne

Comfort of urban facilities in a green environment

The region retains its rural charm thanks to its green countryside and beautiful landscapes, while offering visitors the comfort of urban facilities.

Activities for all

The Country of Marche & Nassogne is a paradise for nature lovers, hikers and sportive people of all kinds.
It’s a real return to one’s roots.

As for shoppers, hustle and bustle, leisure and cultural events lovers, they will not be disappointed either !

 Balade et randonnée au Pays de Marche & Nassogne
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Gastronomy is not a flaunted word in our region. Gourmets will have the opportunity to discover the flavours of our land by sampling cleverly prepared dishes in one of our numerous restaurants.

Accommodation of quality

After an invigorating walk followed by a good meal, you’ll spend a pleasant night in dreamland … in the Land of Marche & Nassogne.

Whether you choose a hotel room, a guest room, a farm stay, a self-catering cottage or a camping site, the accommodation is varied and of quality.

 hébergement au Pays de Marche & Nassogne


Further, the towns of Marche and Nassogne play the card of relaxation and well-being. They have in common their warm hospitality and the friendliness of its inhabitants.

Briefly said, the Country of Marche & Nassogne is full of treasures just waiting for one thing : your visit !


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